La Garde to Nantes

La Garde to Nantes

I wasn’t in a hurry to leave La Garde. It was peaceful (except for a rooster 🐓 !) and the wine flowed 🍷 Not sure my head was terribly keen after the previous nights wine! It didn’t help it was hot too ☀! I was grumpy 🤔 

This is central France, it’s relatively flat. It is a delight as one can leisurely cycle without any effort … what a novelty!

The fields were been harvested and the sunflowers were out in full bloom. Fields and fields of them. Sunflower heaven!

I’d managed to salvage a Le Tour de France way-marker. Not quite sure what the Gendarme thought, as he was looking over my shoulder, but I carried on plying away with my Leatherman as if it was my god-dam-right to pilfer it! 😆 It proudly stayed on the back of my bike for the rest of the trip.

An exceptionally pleasant wild camping spot (no.40 of this trip) came by the Canal de Pomere 🏕 and a corn field. This also provided a pleasant evening dip in the canal.

Destination was the west coast. Then onwards for me, the train from Lucon to Nantes. I like the train occasionally 🚞 when the feeling arrives. I don’t bang on that I need to cycle everything like a machine 🤖!

The train from Lucon to Nantes was enjoyable, except that the air-con in my carriage was not working and the windows were all locked. It was an oven! Lady conductor handing out 🆓 water bottles, with the orderly help from passengers. No one moaned or complained, they just got on with it. Wouldn’t be like that were I herald from!

Since the continuous rain up through central France 🌧 my Samsung EX1 camera has given up the ghost. Not that I got it out when it was raining, it’s just the amount of moisture in the air. So photos are now solely taken with a Nokia Lumia 720 phone 😶 All content is protected.

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