Nantes to Plemet

Nantes to Plemet

After managing to untangle myself from a city 🏙️ ie. determine the exact direction out! I follow the river Erdre northwards. I subsequently also lost this cycle route as signposting was poor or I was poor! If it was there at all! I ended up cycling through, what I think was a kind of scout / brownies summer camp. I cycled passed them, they all gauped 😲 I next had to cycle back as the gate was locked on the otherside … they all gauped 😲 some more! I said 🇫🇷 ‘Bonjour’, they all laughed … peasants!! 

Late in the day I found my 41st wild camping spot. Food on the go 🍲, a wash and into my sack ASAP. I was pooped. All that city life is draining!

I rejoined Le canal de Nantes à Brest. Stopping in Nort-sur-Erdre for a poke outside the tourism office to use their free 📶 WeFe! My next wild camping spot no.42 is on the lake near the town of Le Pommain. Delightful setting as under a willow tree with a view over the lake. Evening swim 🏊‍♂️ to the other side and back ensured.

Once again, back on the canal path and northwards to Redon. I got a photo of a young-lady-post-women 📯 on her bike in Blain. I wish for her job! I called into Redon for supplies and then headed back out of town to my wild camping spot no.43 that I’d already reconnoitered earlier.

Locating wild camping spots in France is a doddle. Wish every country was this easy. France contains a great deal of woods, which are not fenced off … unlike Spain!!

Wild camping no.44 is barely off a minor back road and next to a sluggish flowing river. Absolutely perfect.

Sometimes one has to obtain water from unusual places ie. the men’s 🤵 urinals! There’s a tap, so use it! 😅 All towns and villages seem to have a Mairie 🏛️ This is the local goverment office. Always lovely buildings.

I head through the outskirts of Mauron. A customary photo taken! Then my 45th wild camping spot is celebrated with a miniature bottle of red 🍾

Since the continuous rain up through central France 🌧 my Samsung EX1 camera has given up the ghost. Not that I got it out when it was raining, it’s just the amount of moisture in the air. So photos are now solely taken with a Nokia Lumia 720 phone 😶 All content is protected.

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