Plemet to Padstow

Plemet to Padstow

I’m getting to the stage in writing this, with this journey taking place well over a year ago and I’m starting to forget the details! Some might say that’s down to age, I say it’s down to time ⏲️ but then they’re both inextricably linked!

It finally feels this journey has come to an end and I’m slightly sad for it, but I’m soon to set off on another small journey further down south … whoop whoop! 🇦🇺

En-route I pass through Huelgoat. This town is linked with St.Just in Cornwall. This is in the same county that I presently reside and had many moons ago worked as a coalman in the area around St.Just.

After my final (did not know that at the time) wild camping spot no.48 of this trip I head into Brest. I promptly struggled to find my way out (again!), all seemed a lot easier getting in! The day is drawing in and I pass an Ibis Hotel 🏩 but motor on in search of my final nights wild camping. Very soon though (about 100 meters!), I’m turning round and booking myself in for the night. Too tempting! How I enjoyed it 🍺

The next day is a fairly leisurely ride with my ferry out of Roscoff not till nine in the evening. 90 kms is leisurely now at this stage!

I doodle into Roscoff. Have some scoff and then board the night ferry ⛴️ to Plymouth.

Fortunately, this time of year all the tourists have already departed the UK and are in France. The ferry is quite and I bed down in an area to myself.

I arrive in Plymouth after a surprisingly good nights sleep and a hot hot power shower … bliss. First port-of-call back on land is a cafe for a BiG English breakfast🍳

Train 🚆 from Plymouth to Bodmin Parkway. Then the usual cycle along the Camel Trail back to Padstow from where I set off from back in March!

Roscoff – 27th July 2016

Since the continuous rain up through central France 🌧 my Samsung EX1 camera has given up the ghost. Not that I got it out when it was raining, it’s just the amount of moisture in the air. So photos are now solely taken with a Nokia Lumia 720 phone 😶 All content is protected.

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