Albany 🇦🇺 Walpole

Albany 🇦🇺 Walpole

I’m back on the start line for the Munda Biddi Trail ... again! I’d no plans to return and cycle 🚵‍♂️ the trail ... again, but when you’re back in the UK for 10 months, the idea of fleeing back soon becomes a plausible dream!

Last time it was ‘North to South’. What is the Munda Biddi Trail

I arrive in Albany 🏛️ 

Pronounced ‘Albany’ in Australia but it’s pronounced ‘Allbany’ where I come from! Or it’s merely how I pronounce it! Anyway, confuses the b’jezuz out of the Aussies when I say ‘Allbany’!

I’m dropped off in ‘Albany’ for early afternoon. The trail head starts at the old railway station. I slowly mosey out of town. All I’m now thinking is to discover a place to pitch-up, already. First night camping I like to get sorted early. I find a toilet in a small hamlet called Elleker to fill up my water carriers. Not long after Im stealth camping behind Bornholm Tennis Club 🎾 For the first nights camping, it’s a very good stealth pitch and as I’m tucked away nicely. Sweet!

Compared to the start last year, this is flat and I mean flat 🚴‍♂️ Nor is it hot, either.

A third of the day is taken up with being on the road. Then the trail meanders along the shore of Wilson Inlet before thrusting me out into Denmark. I head to a spacious campsite I used last year: Ocean Village. I duly tuck myself as far back as I can amongst the trees. It’s quiet anyhow.

Next I hit the Heritage Trail, in earnest. Last year it was fairly overgrown and perfect snake habitat 🐍 It’s been cut back this year and boy it’s far more pleasant to ride! More road work today before I start the climb upto the Giants Bibbulmun hut for the night. Stopping first at Bowbridge gas station and some worthy sausage rolls ... 3 of them! They’re good 😋

Last year I didn’t use the Giants Bib hut due to not knowing it was there! This year I do!!

After a night of rain, I decide to spend a full day here (1st rest day of many!) and enjoy the beautiful setting. I don’t need much of an excuse for a rest day! A young Canadian 🍁 girl stayed the night in the hut. She was hiking a 3 day leg of the Bibbulmun track. The Bibbulmun track runs nearly parallel to the Munda Biddi Trail and at a similar length of around 1100kms. The Bibbulmun Track has been around far longer than the Munda Biddi trail. The huts show it, with most being of a wooden construction compared to the corrugated design of the newer Munda Biddi huts.

The next day I set off for a short (25kms) mornings ride to Walpole. Settling in for a near full-day at the ‘Tingle All Over’ 🌳 YHA.

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