Nala Mia Hut 🇦🇺 Karta Burnu Hut

Nala Mia Hut 🇦🇺 Karta Burnu Hut

Leaving the quiet settlement of Jarrahwood and onto an old ‘form’ (railway line) towards Nannup. Nice easy day on the ‘form’!

Nannup becomes the half-way point of the trail.

Some real wild camping south of Nannup in a pine forest. Took forever to find any kind of level ground! Plus, nearly tramping on a snake … LOL! 🐍

Donnelly Mills became a rest day.

Nice little shop and chocolate cake to be had!

Probably the best day so far, was the ride from Donnelly Mills to Karta Burnu. Lots of dense-single-track and plenty of bird song too.

Photos generally shot with an Olympus TG5 – As I found out in editing, the HDR (High Dynamic Range) setting is not appropriate for shooting by hand, with moving objects and sunlight. But hey … they’re vibrant! 😄 Occasional use of a Google Nexus 6P. All content is protected.

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