Karta Burnu Hut to Donnybrook

Karta Burnu Hut to Donnybrook

As the weather had taken a slight turn for the worst at Karta Burnu (slight drizzle!) 🌧️ I took the opportunity to have a couple of rest days. It’s a lovely place as very quiet and good memories from last year! As with any time here, its customary for me to make myself a brew with wild Fennel. With it you get the aniseed taste and add a tea spoon of sugarit’s a extremely good brew.

Fennel ⚘ is widely cultivated, both in its native range and elsewhere, for its edible, strongly flavored leaves and fruits. Its aniseed flavor comes from anethole, an aromatic compound also found in anise and star anise, and its taste and aroma are similar to theirs, though usually not as strong.

The following day I set off it was still fairly damp ... but one must motor one. I could easily have stayed longer! 

On the descent out of Karta Burnu through the Karri Trees 🌳 I met a local chap, and we chatted! He’s an ex-teacher and presently has a small holding with his wife, growing Avocados. 

arrive at Donnelly Mill village, apparently, just as a substantial group of wedding revelers had left. Phew, that was close! A wedding and boisterous people, my worst nightmare! The only person loitering was, Tim! A chap from Perth walking the Bibbulmun Track. We had a pleasant evening chatting about cricket 🏏. Namely the cheating Aussies with sand-paper and his work as a stone mason. 

As the entire village would be deserted the next day, I was tempted to stay another night! How many rest days for I really need! 🤣

I did force myself out, and headed towards the small pleasant town of Nannup. I do recall last year passing a lone chimney stack as I did this year, but this time Santa 🎅🏽 had taken a seat and was defending it! He gets about!

The section from Nannup to Jarrahwood (Nala Mia hut) is 26km’s of old Form (old railway) 🛤️ I didn’t plan to get to Jarrahwood, as I knew from last year there’s a rooster about 🐓  I‘ll only strangle the effing thing at 3 AM otherwise. Therefore I set to on finding myself a spot to wildcamp along the form. And boy, was it good. Totally secluded and away from just about anything and everything! Sweet!

I did stop the following day at Nala Mia for a tea break and a nibble. I was joined by a local man, Christian. Hes an ex-mill worker at Jarrahwood. The mill appropriated its name, from, well, the Jarrahwood it used to mill! I did point out he must’ve operated the saws at one time as he was missing a digit! 🖕🏻 That he did! His wife passed away the previous year, and he was obviously missing her as he became very emotional (slight tear) talking about her. I couldn’t give him anything, but I could give him the time to natter which he really appreciated! He duly gave me a handful of very nice cherries 🍒 from his garden. 

The following kilometers the weather had turned and was pretty warm 🌞 Fly count still generally low, so no moan from me! 

arrive at the Donnybrook transit park and duly pitch my tent as far from the few motor-homes or caravans that are on the site!

Photos generally shot with an Fujifilm X100T  and occasional use of a Google Nexus 6P

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