Mundaring 🇦🇺 Jarrahdale

Mundaring 🇦🇺 Jarrahdale

The day started early at 0500. A lift was arranged to get to the Northern Terminus at Mundaring. The temperature is already fairly warm 📛 Forecast to be a scorcher the next few days. This temperature is a bit unseasonable, even for Oz!

Soon after leaving Mundaring, Weir Hotel came into view … let’s have a coffee then ☕ Why rush these things!

Stopped for a bite to eat next to an orchid. Had a chat with the friendly farmer. Who turned on his sprinklers to allow me to fill my water bottles. Nice chap.

Obviously not knowing (except what I’d seen online) what to expect from the huts, I was pleasantly surprised to find well laid out camping spots too. Along with ample supply of rain water. Treat one litre of rain water, with one LifeSystems chlorine purification tablet. I also carry a mini Sawyer water filtration system, but on this trip it was not required. It’s a good bit-of-kit and I did use it occasionally up through Spain in 2015. Good for cleaning murky water, then adding a chlorine tab afterwards for double measure.

Spent a good part of the following day through an old prescribed burn. Which was still slowly burning in places 🔥 The day was very hot … 38 degs  ☀ ☀ ☀ ☀ Flies around but not in abundance, yet! It was truly like been on another planet!

It was a tough day. Not a long day at 36 km’s, but with the heat and terrain, a rest day was duly sort. And with Wungong hut having such great camp spots in the bush, it was easy to do just that! 🎪 Well, it is for me!

The route markers have been superb. We have maps, but so far you could get by without them. Nice to have though and good to put money into the trail through the purchase. I’m impressed all the same.

Arriving in Jarrahdale early afternoon. I can’t recall how it came about, but ended up in the Jarrahdale Envrionmental Centre 🏛 It had cheap accommodation! And it was nice too 😇 Thank you.

Photos generally shot with an Olympus TG5 – As I found out in editing, the HDR (High Dynamic Range) setting is not appropriate for shooting by hand, with moving objects and sunlight. But hey … they’re vibrant! 😄 Occasional use of a Google Nexus 6P. All content is protected.

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