Walpole to Northcliffe

Walpole to Northcliffe

After cajoling a few supplies at the local 🛒 IGA (supermarket) I head towards a hut that was closed on my North to South cycle due to an anticipated, large, prescribed-burn. Reached said hut by midday. Only after passing abeam and then noticing one almighty, large, Tiger Snake 🐍 Fortunately, it was as idle to observe me, as I was of it! Pretty much most snakes are like that, can’t be bothered and just slope out the way! But, from my own experiences of Black Mamba’s in Namibia ... they’re the exception! And will give chase just for fun! I’m faster, though 🏃‍♂️ I know!

Kwokralup Beela hut looks comparatively new by a few years. The only reasonable ground I could locate to pitch my tent was the only patch that wasn’t inhabited by ants 🐜 and plenty of them too. I could attempt to shift them, but there’s more of them than me and my size will be of little consequence! Best leave alone! A mid-arvo stroll down to the river, then back to my tent for a lie down! I like cycling 🚵‍♂️ and I also like lying down after a long cycle or come to that, any cycle!

The following days cycle is a slow-gradual-climb. After a brief stop for lunch at Fernhook Falls, upto what I call ‘The Rock’: Yirra Karta hut.  Behind it, is one almighty piece of granite. It possesses Aboriginal significance, so respect it!! Whether me bashing my snake-stick to forewarn any serpent sunning itself due diligence to my approach, remains another matter. I‘m respecting myself, though! Good rock for a sunset 🌇 And no doubt for a sunrise too, if I’d been up for a sunrise 🌅which I wasnt! 

The day towards Northcliffe was devoted chiefly to fire trails.

A fire trail is a rural road constructed specifically for the purpose of access for “fire management purposes” including building containment lines and backburning operations. The term is part of the vocabulary of Australian bushfire 🚒 control and may be also known as a fire road in US terminology.

Fire trails may not be the most rewarding ride, as it’s a track, but its about what you are cycling through (flora and fauna), than what you are cycling on!

I don’t head into Northcliffe, but straight to Sid’s Camping.

Three days of relatively easy cycling. Now for a rest day as there’s cafe in town ... cus I’m worth it!

Photos generally shot with an Fujifilm X100T  and occasional use of a Google Nexus 6P

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