Seven Mile Beach to Adventure Bay

Seven Mile Beach to Adventure Bay

Pat has been grand company, sad to say cheerio. Perhaps another time buddy? 👍🏻

I roll out in-trepidation from Seven Mile Beach campsite with new rubber beneath my wheels (tyres) and an air of something on the horizon. Another bicycle journey begins 🇦🇺

I’ve a 25km cycle to Hobart city centre. My only obstacle been the Hobart bridge 🌉 There’s a cycle lane but it’s not very wide. I start cycling, but not for long as the side rail on my right is not high, along with the wind, it feels one could spill onto the freeway below. So walk it is then.

I was in Hobart back in 2001/02 when I was backpacking, and as then, I like Tasmania 🏴󠁡󠁵󠁴󠁡󠁳󠁿 Never thought I’d be back on a bicycle one day!

A brief stop around town for a bit of the tourist stuff, but I’m keen to motor on and away from the madding crowds. Destination, Bruny Island. Not today, though.

The Errol Flynn reserve did the particularly amuse me, as it’s pretty much what you can see in the photograph! Not all that show biz at all!

Kingston, Coles Supermarket for vital supplies. Then head out to find a wild camping 🏕️ spot for my first night out in Australia. My spot for the night is on the road to Howden. Next to (on) a golf course ⛳ Not likely to be disturbed here.

It’s pleasant to traverse the back roads when possible as long as there not too far away from my primary route. This I do as I head towards Kettering and the ferry the next morning. The road is a divine, fine gravel. Not like the harsh stuff in New Zealand. As I’m on a climb, a lady descends past me. We say hello 👋🏻 Once I’m on the other side and descending myself she catches up on the return leg of her morning exercise. We natter for a bit. Next it’s fresh ground coffee round hers! The weather turns for the worse 🌧️

Dessie is part of a network called: Help Exchange (HelpX). She explains it to me. I’m interested. It will additionally offer me an opportunity to escape the weather for the rest of the day or longer! Go with the flow.

I occupy four days at Dessie’s. Fix the vegetable-garden-gate, start a firewood collection, chainsaw work on a fallen tree and tinkering with Dessie’s bicycles.

I’m always keen to find wildlife 🦂 especially when I consider them to be in the kick-ass category! Small pedipalps, monstrous stinger, it will disrupt your equilibrium for the rest of the day! Latin name, Scorpionidae.

I enjoyed my stay and the new experience immensely. I’ll be back after my excursion to Bruny Island.

A brief cycle to the ferry at Kettering ⛴️ sailing to Bruny Island. The day is beautiful. My destination on Bruny is, south, and that’s it!

On searching for my first night camp spot in Simpson Bay, I’m looking at the sand gradient, thinking, that will do, only to turn around and encounter a snake 🐍 coming out of the water towards me. We stare each other out! After a brief discussion, we decide it’s me who shall be moving! I identify a spot further up the beach. Which is better!

The snake was either a Tiger or Brown. Ether is venomous, so parting was wise! It’s more than likely it had swum across the bay, as it was very sluggish out of the water, getting cold and tired. No camera at hand … shame!

I was aware of the tide. But with a blustery night ensuring it came creeping up to the second to last line to the tent. Which next kept me up awake expecting to move.

The morning started overcast and promptly started to drizzle as I hit the road. Then, it really came down ☔ Wets on. This only consists of a jacket and a rain cover for my helmet. I consider my legs are waterproof enough!

As I near Adventure Bay, I pull over to examine the map regarding exactly where I’m at. A car then pulls up in front of me. I’m thinking, might be trouble ahead? Yet no, its only a Warm Showers (a community primarily for touring cyclists and hosts) host offering me a roof 🏠 over my head from the weather. Well, it’s not rocket science, I except.

I’d previously sighed up with Warm Showers, but never ventured to seek it out. Serendipity promptly revised that! Along with my new-found knowledge of HelpX. All new experiences.

Now, with John there’s a story! When I was at Christchurch Airport, New Zealand, I spotted a couple with bike boxes 📦 so as ever, I made a bee-line to them. I don’t know why! They’d barely arrived from Australia and had stayed with John as Warm Showers guests. They gave me his email. I then followed this up with an email while waiting at the airport for my flight. I never heard anything back. So I just forgot about it.

Well, while on the main road on Bruny (the only one), I met a young Japanese guy 🇯🇵 Yoohe. I was more fascinated in him riding with such a large backpack. He did say it was unpleasant! He informs me he’s been WOOFing for a month, and kindly points out on the map to Adventure Bay. I obtain my customary photograph of another cyclist, and we part … Sia Nora!

These two brief stories merge into one. It all comes back to the kind gentleman who plucked me out of the rain. Hence, my word of the month is, in-deed, serendipity!

John has extensive experience of cycle touring. Especially his expedition from Melbourne to Adelaide (the Great Ocean Road), then up through the heart of Australia to Darwin. All on a recumbent bicycle. Recumbent’s however are like Marmite. You either love em 💖 or hate em 😡! Not for me, though. Not enough height to enjoy the environment.

I spent nearly a week at John’s, along with his family at the weekend, Aly and Cleo. Ample organic food, washed down with superb home-brewed cider 🍎 I.LIKED.THE.CIDAR!

I was truly bowled over by the hospitality from all my hosts. I hope to return one day. Many thanks.
Adventure Bay is truly a special area. As is the magnificent Bruny Island.

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