Cazorla 🇪🇸 Villarrodrigo

Cazorla 🇪🇸 Villarrodrigo

The climb out of Cazorla was a good three hours with bulging panniers. This was the sole way into the Natural Park Sierras de Cazorla from Cazorla. As ever, though, a lovely downhill to follow and some seriously nice wild 🏕️ camping to be had.

As it’s a National Park I need to be even more stealthy than normal. If that’s possible! Hence, I went for height on my first pitch. The ideal spots are inevitably the hardest to get to. Barking dogs could still be heard through the night! 🐩

Woken to one of the most divine sunrises đŸŒ„ so far. Pretty specky!

My sole goal for the day was to find another wild camping spot that was just as secluded. My mileage wasn’t big, but the effort to find a spot was. Quite a rocky downhill to access it. Routinely this requires three trips. Secure the bike out of sight first, as I’m descending this time, then back for two round trips of panniers!

The site took a little work to get flat’ish. But WoW it’s a good’un! Near the waters edge. But careful not to be visible from the other bank.

After a peaceful nights sleep (no barking dogs! 🐩) I wake to rain. And plenty of it! đŸ¤Ł I hate packing wet gear away. I could stay another night, but not having internet I don’t know whether it’ll be raining tomorrow too and food is insufficient.  I’m feeling fresh, and legs have become reasonably sinewy now. As with descending into the site, the extraction took a whole lot longer. I did have to clamber out of a wet  rocky hill side to the road!

I passed over Tranco Dam and found a great spring water 🚰 trough to fill my bottles. 

Mid afternoon I stopped by a little bridge for a nibble or two and was approached by a security guard in his car. He explained to me in his native Spanish 🇪🇸 that I was not allowed to camp here! I don’t speak Spanish, let alone native! But I grasped what he was saying. Though pretended I didn’t grasp what he was saying. He left in a huff. Probably cursing, stupid foreigners or virtuously, stupid Englishman! How he thinks I’m camping or about to set up a tent on a  đŸš— vehicular narrow bridge is beyond me! But then he’s native and I’m not! 

I knew from this point I had some good climbing ahead. Well, that is what my flat one-dimensional-map implied! A lot of climbing, indeed. I’ve never climbed so well 🚵 I also had the native security guard pass me on a few occasions. Clearly expecting me to set up camp 🎪 in full glare of him … what-a-tool!

After my climbing and a descent I discovered a lovely spot to stealth camp in a wild native field!

Photos generally shot with a Samsung EX1 24-72mm f/1.8 and a Nokia Lumia N9 phone as back-up. All content is protected.


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