El Cuartico to Barcelona via Albacete

El Cuartico to Barcelona via Albacete

Leaving my final stealth/wild camping 🏕️ spot in Spain, heading along the flat trail towards Albacete. My first stop was a McDonalds breakfast 🍔 Why? Cus even that conveys more flavour than my ordinary porridge! A McMuffin breakfast it is then!

Next find a cheap B & B or motel for a few nights.

The Hostal-Taperia la Fonda 🏩 offered a twin room, ensuite for 30 euro. I’ll take it. Price was good and it had the biggest shower head I believe, ever … lush! With a restaurant down stairs too

The plan presently was to get a coach to Barcelona, then the train to Narbonne, France 🇫🇷 But travelling with a bicycle, is easier said than done! With Spanish coach companies one has to have the bike in a box or bag! Fortunately, the coach company at the station I was leaving from had bags, at 20 💶. OH well, easier than searching out for a box. The bag was not too shabby. An appropriate size, with handles and black … sweet!

The coach was not till late in the evening and I needed to be out of the guesthouse by midday. Therefore, I embedded myself at the coach station early. I dismantled the bike, then waited for the coach  🚌 at about 2300hrs. But then I was turfed out of the station to the outside concourse for the last 2 hours. It was nippy outside!

The coach journey went via Valencia arriving into Barcelona early morning. After a strong coffee ☕ and a little to eat I caught up with my cycling mate who’d adopted another route from Ronda. Apparently I cycle 🚴‍♂️ too slowly!

I’d already booked pleasant room in a hostel for the one night. Barcelona is nice, but I’m not good in cities that are over crowded, which is what a city is! So early doors the next day, back on the bikes.

We made our way to the train station in Barcelona through city traffic. Early morning, not so bad, though. Packed bikes up again into the bags 🙄 Bike bags too big for the airport style security scanner, therefore told to take them around the scanners!!! Go fathom! Subsequently told the bags couldn’t go on the train as they were too big. They have to represent the size of a suit case as the Spanish manager displayed us a picture of a suitcase 🧳 FFS! Contrary to what the website states. The Spanish manager wouldn’t have any of it. He informed us in no uncertain terms we couldn’t go (in Spanish!). After creating a stink and showing them their own website, a French lady conductor on the train came up and checked … said they could go on.

Never saw the Spanish manager after that! Eventually on the train with no accommodation space for bicycles! Bicycles are not designed to be laid flat, that’s why they are generally ridden upright! Once bags on the rack (laid flat 🙄), the bags had to be guarded as idiots would start throwing their luggage on top to. An English tourist group been the biggest twats 😠 Words were said. They backed off! Eventually seats taken and ordered what turned out to be the best bacon baguette 🥖 ever! Bring on France! 🇫🇷

Photos generally shot with a Samsung EX1 24-72mm f/1.8 and a Nokia Lumia N9 phone as back-up.

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