Ronda 🇪🇸 La Guijarrosa

Ronda 🇪🇸 La Guijarrosa

On leaving Ronda, I promptly get as far as the McDonalds 🍔 for the customary McBreakie! Second breakfast, though. It’s far tastier than the ordinary porridge I generally have. Absolutely, the porridge will be better for me!

pass through Setenil. Houses built into the rock face. Cool! Literally!

I struggle once again to find a wild camping spot. Ultimately pushed up a near vertical hill on an olive 🥗 plantation. It was the only place that possessed any kind of access. I could hear plantation workers in the distance. I headed in the opposing direction. Finding a secluded gully of kind. I checked my perimeter and couldn’t see how anyone could see me 👀, with no discernible paths nearby. It would be dark in two hours.

As the Spanish 🇪🇸 start later in the morning, I was well gone early AM.

I stopped in the town of Olvera so as to post 🗳️ more gear back to the UK! Then a stop at a cafe for a cafe! Here, I met Lena. A German girl cycling light (weight), east to north. Her English was exceptional and so was her Spanish. We spoke in English! 🤣 Our direction of travel was the same for a few hours. Strange to cycle with someone who’s in front all the time! 

Again, another night spent amongst olive groves. This time hidden, high up under the canopy of a mighty tree. I did receive a visitor, though. A local guy out harvesting wild asparagus. He didn’t bat an eyelid with me been there!

Sunday, woken to a low-lying mist hanging in the valley. I wouldn’t normally join, what you might described as a major road, but been Sunday and in Spain, it was deserted! Once again I found a cafe for the mid-morning customary cafe ☕ or two ☕!

Once more, I find myself in olive-grove-territory. This time, deep into one, next to a minor stream in a gully. Not the best nights sleep, as a bloody nightingale had other ideas! The morning represented a tactical retreat, as I could hear plantation workers in the distance. Why they here so early?

It’s a Monday, and the roads are still quiet. I pass through the town of Osuna. A cafe stop and the Colegiata de Nuestra Señora de la Asunción. A massive church on a hill! Why’s anything worthy up a hill? Im not a churchie 🛐 person, but I‘m fascinated by the architecture (craftsmanship). And this one was no different. I hoped to go in, but there was a wedding on, so I soon legged it! Two more cafe stops in the day. Well, its cheap and I can’t cycle 🚴‍♂️ past one!

My map shows a camp site in the small town of Santaella. It doesn’t show the town to be up a big hill. Bloody flat maps! Then to top it, the camp site is on the other side of town. Yes, you guessed it, up a another bloody big hill. One hour of climbing to be told, “we’re full”. Bloody campsites! 🏕️ The girl on the desk took pity on my solemn good looks and found me a place between two empty cabins. Obviously, I‘m not that good looking, she didn’t give me a cabin for free! I need to work on my solemn good look stare! 

I did get a cheesy Tapas. With an excellent chilled beer 🍺 To top it, ham (slices of dried bacon!), egg and chips.  I’m truly a cycling Jedi 🙏

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