Villaespasa 🇪🇸 Cereceda

Villaespasa 🇪🇸 Cereceda

Instead of turning north as I head out of Villaespasa, I hook a right and southerly. This is only a brief change in direction as I wish to complete the whole section of this Via Verdes – Cascajares to Burgos. After a few kilometres it ends on a main road with a little station to boot 🚉 I head north.

This Via Verdes clearly hasn’t been well used, if at all. The surface is course, but I’m not complaining as its quite lovely overall.

I meander up in/through various little villages for water 🚰 and lunch during the day. My night rest stop comes from what looks like a BBQ/playing field. All desolate and quiet, so perfect. Even supplies a generous stream flowing by with what looks like crayfish 🦐 I abstain from poaching, as I can’t be bothered with the faff of cooking and peeling them, when I can merely open a can of tuna! I’m not that feral!

As I started out on the trail in the fresh morning, I spotted a deer 🦌 prancing through the wheat fields. Beautiful.

My major push today is to get into the small city of Burgos and out as soon as possible too!

Firstly, a stop at Cojobar for my mornings second breakfast and tent 🎪 drying shenanigans! I discovered an unusual spot. It may be an area for a market, but made for great tent drying due to the early morning sun on the white concrete. Simple things!

Burgos has a Decathlon (big outdoor shop all over the EU and UK) and I need a beanie … yes it’s still very chilly ❄️ in the mornings! With my new beanie and a cheeky fuel stop in McDonalds I sought my way out of dodge. Which, in fact, was relatively easy and soon back on the Via Verdes.

I’ve so far had some awesome wild camping spots but this one gains top 🏆 dog due to the ground been perfect for my tent and literally, on the trail. I had a family pass by late afternoon with a dog 🐕 that went nuts (barking) at my tent, that seemed alive inside or to the dog, the tent was alive! From then on, no one or a sound ie. guns shots or barking dogs!

I woke up to the coldest morning yet 🥶 The first night I’ve had most of my clothes on. Porridge and some sweet black coffee I was ready to break camp. By the time this was achieved (seems to take forever, still!) my fingers where gone. Thank god I got that beanie in Burgos and kept some heat in. Clear sky and the sun was up, therefore it didn’t take long for the suns 🌞 rays to permeate into me. I found a spot further down the greenway in Quintanarruz for a second breakfast in the sun and water bottles filled up too. Now, I’m really ready for the day.

I so love cycling these Via Verdes greenways as I did down south of Spain in 2015. No one ever about … ever!

As I pass an old railway station just out of Arconada, a gentleman runs to his car and puts on a red stationmasters hat, along with producing a red flag 🚩 and whistle. Then promptly waved me through. What a gem!

Next stop is a bar/cafe for what is to be a super-massive-burger 🍔 and chips. Not fries, but full on proper chips! Bar Restaurante Casa Rural Lences de Bureba.

The day then meanders on to the end of this Via Verdes, sadly, and into the town of Oña. Seems equally busy with motorhomes and tourists, so I fill up my water carriers for the next wild camp stop and head out sharpish!

I’m promptly onto a busy main road. Well busy for here! Only time I wear a helmet. In time, I find a wild camp 🏕️ spot up a short disused path and just about far enough from the road.

The spot is on a slight slope but with a bit of work I sort something out, mainly by laying ferns 🌿 under one side of the tent. I’m also going making this spot a rest day for the next as there is a village down the road, so water will be available and is indicating it too 🚰

Photos generally shot with a Fujifilm X100T. 

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