Villarrodrigo 🇪🇸 El Cuartico

Villarrodrigo 🇪🇸 El Cuartico

I make my morning escape from the native Spanish wild đŸŒź field. Well, as far as the nearest shelter (50 metres!) to pack away my damp gear! Not quite sure what the shelter is used for. Perhaps some kind of BBQ area out of the weather! Looks very clean and no graffiti. I’m certainly not in England then!

I pass through Villarrodrigo and come across a petrol station ⛽ with a power-hand-wash. The bike goes in a for some TLC! Subsequent stop, a cafe, Alcaraz. 

Alcaraz being the start of my next Vias Verdes. Sierra de Alcaraz Greenway at 74km’s. It required a bit of effort to find. I even had to ask at the petrol station in Alcaraz where I filled up my water vestibules for the ensuing nights stealth camping. Once on the trail, plenty of tunnels to take handsome đŸ¤ł selfies and bridges to cross. With the occasional old railway stations to explore. Railway stations, more sheep 💩 middens these days!

Mid afternoon I find my wild camping spot no.26. 

Once again, I pack away my wet tent. I hate packing away soaked gear! My destination is Albacete.

This is a city by Spanish standards. I don’t expect to strike it today. Albacete will remain the final destination on this Spanish leg. With time restraints ie. I wish to be out of mainland Europe before the summer holidays really start in earnest and I’m keen to cycle đŸš´â€â™‚️ all the way up through France 🇫🇷 I do envisage that wild camping will be easier to find there. We hope!

At Balazote I hang a right off the road and connect with what is to be a flat trail all the way into Albacete. I see dark clouds on the horizon, and I need to find water before I can set camp up somewhere for the night. My water source is in abundance 🚰 I may just struggle to reach it, though! I manage to hang off the side of the concrete banks and drop my water carries into the clear sterile looking water. I’m expecting some native security guard to come speeding along the dirt road with blues 🚓 two’s in full flight! No such excitement. I load up and backtrack on the trail to a spot I’d reconnoitered a few kilometers back. 

The gloomy clouds are approaching swiftly. My tent đŸ•ď¸ is up and things stowed away just as the first rain đŸŒ§ď¸ drops start their descent! Phew … living on the edge! đŸ¤Ł

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