Walpole 🇦🇺 Sid’s Camping

Walpole 🇦🇺 Sid’s Camping

* This and the next post still follows the northerly direction of the Munda Biddi Trail, but at times, I detour to take a more direct route. Using maps.me as my mapping tool. Let’s see where it takes me 🔀

After another couple of nights at Tingle All Over and a hearty breakfast, I join the trail heading north. I’m hoping that Kwokralup Beela Hut is open, as it was closed heading south, due to a prescribed burn. The tourist office in Walpole, advised by Parks and Wildlife, say it’s now open. I’ve my doubts. Just a feeling. I’m so in tune! 😉

A warm day and flies on the rise. I arrive at the turn off for Kwokralup Beela Hut, and guess what, it’s closed ⛔ OH well … another reason to come back then!

I hook a left and head towards the municipal camp ground of Fernhook Falls. Another 18 km’s or so.

I wave to a farmer loading his cattle or perhaps it’s a friendly cattle rustler 🐮

Were the trail narrowed, I’m greeted with the customary face-plant of spiders sitting on their lairs. They, no doubt, don’t wish to be on my face, as much as I don’t wish them too. Obviously, no one on the trail before me 🕸

Arrive at a very quiet Fernhook Falls.

Start the day with a Huntsman spider encamped in my helmet. You leave anything out here, and some critter will want to make it a home 🕷

A very pleasant 22 km’s to one of my favorite huts: Yirra Kartta. The one with the big granite 🗿 rock.

Only two occasions has there been anyone else at a hut, and again, it’s all mine 🙂 I still put my tent as far way as possible!

Most people (Aussies) consider it too hot to be out this time of year 🌤 The trail is busy/ier through the cooler winter months. Only down side to this time of year, are the flies.  They’re sporadic. I find them manageable, considering. The bigger March Flies (more commonly known everywhere else as, Horse Flies) are out in abundance too, in December. Aussie way of fooling us Poms! But compared to the more abundant smaller fly, these bastards bite 😲

Back to Sid’s Camping and my spot as far away from anyone else. It’s out of season, so not hard❗

Photos generally shot with an Olympus TG5 – As I found out in editing, the HDR (High Dynamic Range) setting is not appropriate for shooting by hand, with moving objects and sunlight. But hey … they’re vibrant! 😄 Occasional use of a Google Nexus 6P. All content is protected.

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