This is my forth jaunt onto Australian soil. I was here in 2013 as I cycled up through Tasmania and earlier backpacking 🎒 the mainland in 2000. Tassie may be part of Australia ie. another state, but I’ll keep it as a separate page, as it’s so unlike the mainland. And considering the size of Australia, there’s enough wild camping photos just for Western Australia.

Australia offers so much wild camping ⛺ one is spoilt for choice. Not just because of the size of the land mass, but also the still minuscule population of 20 million’ish who live mainly near the coast. One can drive an hour out of Perth and be in the bush with no one around within 10’s of kilometers. In wild camping terms … nirvana!

The two occasions I’ve been in Western Australia I’ve cycled the Munda Biddi Trail. Therefore, this has been where all my wild camping has taken place. On the trail or near it. Yes, the trail has huts, but I never once used one. They’re basic. Four sides and a roof. Give me a quality tent any day 🎪

Availability of drinking water 🚰 was not a problem as the huts had large rain water containers. These just needed a chlorine tab, and you are good to go. Every so often I would use a stream or river. The water may look inky, but this is merely due to the peat. This is good, as it purifies the water.

Now, the big elephant in the room is the venomous 🕷️ gritters  around. And yes, Australia possesses its fair share. But Australia doesn’t have the large gritters that will fling you over their shoulder and haul you into the bush. Australia is not Africa!

Yes, I had a few snake 🐍 encounters, but then I was cycling in snake season, so it’s to be expected. As with anywhere else that has nasty gritters, check your gear before picking it up and maintain a healthy distance. I will add, not so easy on a bicycle at times, as one is introduced before you know it! I know!

The only problem I’ve had so far, was a Kangaroo Tick. I wasn’t even in the bush at the time. Typical!

OH … but you can’t escape from flies 🪰 when out of your tent in the summer months! And there’s no shortage of them!

Apart from the flies, relax and enjoy the immense space 😎

Photos generally shot with an Olympus TG5 – As I found out in editing, the HDR (High Dynamic Range) setting is not appropriate for shooting by hand, with moving objects and sunlight. But hey … they’re vibrant! 😄 Occasional use of a Google Nexus 6P. All content is protected.

Photos generally shot with a Fujifilm X100T  and occasional use of a Google Nexus 6P. All content is protected.

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