To start with, wild camping 🏕️ in France is all together easier than wild camping in Spain. By a country-mile!

Not at one point did I feel I needed to stealth camp. Some locations I was fairly visible, like a canal or by a lake 🚣! It just seems widely accepted! I would still try and make myself as undetected as possible, preferably in a wooded enclosure.

I love the protective feel of a canopy above. I particular like pine 🌲🌲🌲🌲 forests. The ground is soft, and there’s always a convenient place to hang things!

Fortunately, the weather 🌥️ on the whole was dry for most of my wild camping. I only had two wet starts. Ending a day wet is fine, starting a day wet is altogether another thing!

Access to drinking water is excellent, as most, if not all towns and villages have a stand-pipe 🚰 or drinking fountain. I found many streams I could drink from after dropping in a chlorine tab (in my water bottle and not the stream!). Nearly everywhere will have a bakery. Usually they’ll shut by late morning, then open up again from 4 ish onwards till mid-evening. European times! One small hamlet didn’t have a bakery, but it did have a baguette vending machine 🥖!

France is a must for wild camping 🏕️ and cycling 🚵‍♂️ Vive le France 🇫🇷

Since the continuous rain up through central France 🌧 my Samsung EX1 camera has given up the ghost. Not that I got it out when it was raining, it’s just the amount of moisture in the air. So photos are now solely taken with a Nokia Lumia 720 phone 😶 All content is protected.

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